The Making of a New God

Though he’s god,

and who questions god?
These children of the River never stop
to make sand into glittering stones,
they vanish into the white sky
to fall as rain, to fall as an argument
that never ends,

though sand and stones in their tiny hands
are like bones and blood that lie to the body
every day – pieces of deception
sucking up the life in every tongue.

When a tree says to another tree
“I know how a leaf evanesces without saying goodbye”
the wind laughs, whistles and laughs again
“don’t say what you don’t know, ma-man”

But he’s god and he makes and unmakes clay tongues.

Scary ghost of yesterday rises in his name –
a lost word searching for itself,
searching for the one house with a thousand windows
of escape. Like a raccoon unable to fly like a hawk
he was so stunned to see how fast a fresh meat decays.

Though, he is god… and who questions god?

Author’s Note:
Last week in the news, WH spokeswoman said it was “inappropriate” to question Gen. Kelly in light of his stature as a retired four-star general. Meanwhile, the general had wrongfully assumed (accused) a congresswoman of saying what (appears) she did not say back in 2015. Talking about making mistakes – god makes mistakes? You goofed, ma’am, only God cannot be questioned!

Bola lives in Winnipeg, MB. His poems have appeared in poetry magazines including The Puritan, Sierra Nevada Review, Dissident Voice, Five Poetry magazine, Poetry Quarterly, Miracle E-zine, Poetry Pacific, Drunk Monkeys, League of Canadian Poets feature, St. Peters College (University of Saskatchewan) Annual Anthology (Society 2013 Vol. 10), Pastiche Magazine, UK Poetry Library and others. He holds a degree in City Planning. Read other articles by Bola.