In memoriam democracy (Part One)

(Dedicated to the private bank known as the Federal Reserve)

at night, she shudders.
the crimson echo harbors the wind.
somewhere a grave is being robbed
and henchmen are wrenching the doors.
at night, the frivolous happens.
all beings are in the dark
as winter forms a playground of timid flakes.

somewhere the money is piling up.
the stock exchange is rising, falling.
night becomes our safe harbor
and the winds escalate to protect the interest rate.

if I had a hunch, I would know someone is watching.
over the city, the birds are crapping
and the distrust of institution is developing.
if friction were a sign of ill tidings,
the oil barons would fail without reserve.
A dog scratches his back
but the name of the game rarely changes.

Dustin Pickering is founder of Transcendent Zero Press, a Houston based publishing company. The company is responsible for Harbinger Asylum, an award nominated journal for literature and the arts. He placed as a finalist in Adelaide Literary Journal's short story contest this year, and has featured for Houston's popular Public Poetry series in 2013. He was one of two editors for the bestselling Selfhood anthology. His poetry is found both online and in print at journals or anthologies such as di-verse-city, Texas Poetry Calendar 2016, and Illya's Honey. Read other articles by Dustin, or visit Dustin's website.