Flames of Fury

Let’s engulf ourselves in flames tonight
We’ll set fire to the wind

Let’s engage in madness
In heaps of clover, weed and gin

Why don’t we erect an effigy
To the pillars of the fringe

Do away with the conformists
Let them wallow, cuss and cringe

For dragons walk with us my friends
In this march toward glory

One day the crisp sea breezes
Will softly tell OUR stories

And we will rise the heroes
Us, the rebels and the bastards

Reigning a soft, stale victory
When we dispatch our masters

We the rotten losers
Deep in dungeonous dismay

The homeless addicts
Who chose to lose their way

Unclothed in golden garb
Armed with only our illusions

As well as rot gut whiskey
Good Dick, and our delusions

We the chosen freaks
Clamoring for honesty

Will gather in the pulpits
And be offered only modesty

And that’s fine

I won’t be seated
I won’t be engaged
I won’t be fooled

I won’t be

I won’t feel

I won’t

I will not stand
Or listen

I will not

I won’t fight
I already did

And it fucked me

I won’t hear you

You won’t
Lie to me
You can’t convince me



I thought about freedom again
And how is not real

How can anything
truly free?


How can
Girl, boy, rich, poor, healthy, dead
Be free?
InIndn, musket, domino, Jew
Be free?

Republicans are democrats are socialists are dead

Communists are furry bunnies who scramble to create reason

Christ was a dinosaur

And none of this makes sense
Or matters

Because it carries the label
Of love

So how can you be free when defined by an outsider
Against your will
In perpetuity

How can you be real
When given imaginary pretext?

How can you be happy?

I don’t want to be defined
And plundered

I don’t want to die a cliché

You can clamor
You can fight
You can die for your labels

In this broken era of garbage


I yearn for truth

And I don’t want to die a dumbass

Born 1983 in Utica NY, Jeffrey-Paul Horn briefly attended ARP in 2001. Since then he's lived in various states across the country. He has been writing poetry since his early teens and recently had 3 chapbooks published with Clare Songbirds Publishing House. His aspiration is to leave a positive legacy through his art. Read other articles by Jeffrey-Paul.