Weapons of Mass Migration

In Goodbye Europe? Hello, Chaos? – Merkel’s Migrant Bomb, Michael Springmann analyzes evidence suggesting that US intelligence may be organizing the mass migration of millions of refugees as a form of asymmetric warfare. ((Asymmetric warfare is defined as war between belligerents whose relative military power differs significantly, or whose strategy or tactics differ significantly.))  As a former State Department diplomat, Springmann was exposed to a different form of asymmetric warfare when he was ordered to issue US visas to Saudi jihadists, allowing them to undergo training in the US. He writes about this in his 2015 book Visas for Al Qaeda: CIA Handouts that Rocked the World.

Springmann first learned about mass migration as a form of asymmetric warfare from Kelly Greenhill’s 2010 book Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion and Foreign Policy. Describing Greenhill as an academic with “close national security ties,” he quotes her extensively in describing prior uses of mass migration to destabilize world powers. Among others, he lists the 1992 Cuban Rafter and the 2004 Haitian Boat People crisis (both aimed at destabilizing the US); the 1998-99 Kosovo conflict (aimed at destabilizing Western Europe); and a (unsuccessful) 2002-2005 attempt by the CIA to destroy the North Korean regime by setting up a refugee camp on the North Korea/China border.

Both Greenhill and Spring emphasize that countries can be destabilized by either a massive inflow or outflow of refugees. The CIA’s goal in 2002 was to depopulate North Korea by encouraging a flood of refugees to escape into China.

Springmann also quotes anonymous intelligence sources who claim the mass migration into Europe is being coordinated by the US National Intelligence Council (NIC), MI6 (Britain’s secret intelligence service) and Turkish secret services, with financing from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. He also alleges routine collaboration between CIA case officers and human rights and pro-migrant groups to pay off people smugglers.

I have often wondered how hundreds of thousands of unskilled workers from a broken Syrian economy could come up with the $5,000-10,000 smugglers charge to ferry migrants across the Mediterranean.

Who Pays for Their Smart Phones?

There’s the equally perplexing question of where they get the money to buy Smart Phones (costing three to six times Syria’s average monthly wage) to access the apps that guide them along the best routes into Germany and Austria, their primary destinations of choice.

Greece, Italy and Eastern European countries, which are migrants’ main entry point, have all developed extensive wifi networks, with the help of George Soros-funded Central European University and Cisco Systems. The university also funds dozens of convenient charging stations along the recommended migrant routes.

Syrian Passports on Demand

Springmann also raises embarrassing questions about the role of France, Qatar and Germany’s Syrian embassy in printing Syrian passports on demand – without requiring any form of identification. And a bizarre Twitter storm launched in 2015 by netbots located in the US, UK and Australia. The latter lavishly promoted Germany and Austria as the most migrant friendly countries.

Citing the Wolfowitz Doctrine ((Paul Wolfowitz was George W Bush’s Undersecretary of Defense for Policy. The so-called Wolfowitz Doctrine called for “curbing” the EU to facilitate US world dominance.)) Springmann suggests the main purpose of this mass migration/destabilization is to weaken the EU as a US economic competitor and to discourage German-Russian economic or political collaboration.

Stuart Jeanne Bramhall is a retired American-trained psychiatrist and long time citizen activist living in New Zealand. Substack page https://stuartbramhall.substack.com/. Email her at: stuartbramhall@yahoo.co.nz. Read other articles by Stuart Jeanne.