The Reality of a Troubled Mind

Circumstance is just
One view of perspective
The polarity of the
Populist jargon
Becomes muffled under
The jagged rim of
Mulched lies and words
Sprinkled like fertilize
On the heads of the ignorant
Smiles and applause traded
For how things really are
Behind the curtain of
Revelation before the play begins.
My stage fright is not from
The audience, but rather the
Actors who take the stage.
I pay to watch a tragedy unfold
That I feel powerless to stop.
Under the dim lights my eyes locate
The exit signs on either side
Of the stage. My soul leaves me
While I wait begging for the end.

S. Liam Spradlin writes poetry and fiction. He has recently begun to write poetry that extends to more than just a hobby. He has been published in many small journals such as The Sequoya Reviews, The Scarlet Leaf Review, Thesongis, IVJ, Tuck, Degenerate Voices, Dissident Voice, and others. His works have also appeared in other anthologies. Read other articles by S. Liam.