She who dwells in the tower speaks

I will not live my life afraid.
I will not hide in fear.
For what good would my silence do
But make hate’s pathway clear?
I will not live my life a lie,
Dictated to by fools.
I will not cast my pearls to swine.
I will retain my jewels.
I will not live my life bound up
By evil men’s cruel chains.
When my carriage comes to town,
I shall hold the reigns.
I will not live my life shut in
By those who’d build a wall.
I’ll live free and speak the truth
Until all these castles fall.

Chani Zwibel is a graduate of Agnes Scott College, a poet, wife and dog-mom who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but now dwells in Marietta, Georgia. She enjoys writing poetry after nature walks and daydreaming. Read other articles by Chani.