Mark of the Beast $$$

Money and the power it imbues atrophies the living daemon in all who are subjected to capitalist games. It is a manipulator of perception, a truth twister, a divider of people. All who wade into the capitalist pool will be permeated with “money values”, and those who stay too long in the tides become part of the tide itself. Consumed in the endless blinkered waters.

When capitalist ideals possess a victim their natural will is absconded by selfish desire, and they begin capitulating to the pitchfork wielding devil on their shoulder who is forever whispering “Why don’t you just take it all for yourself?”

The money values eventually take precedent over human values and even a capitalist’s own happiness will become unimportant when they adopt the idea of saving just a little bit more then, then…Then, they can focus what is truly important, family, friends, and that kinda shit. But the accumulation of money somehow always becomes the central focus, and when the tipping point arrives for a society where money is held in higher regard than human contentment – trust erodes, societal collapse becomes inevitable, and a slide into insanity assured.

There is a fine line each individual walks with money. If awareness isn’t emphasized one will never recognize the moment equilibrium was lost. Creeping capitalism falsely rewards neurons, misleading conscious thought into slippery pleas to chase the dragon for another hit while wrapped in cozy pragmatic rationalizations. Pragmatism shifts soon after into malicious thoughts of competing with others over trivialities because who the fuck are they to take more than you, and if you don’t take more then someone else will, is how the ravenous logic goes.

Money absorbs people without them knowing. It’s dark magic. It casts spell. Good people who once stood for decent things start making all kinds of excuses for why things shouldn’t change. It warps their worldview, where they once may have been against all unnecessary suffering but now they don’t mind so much as long as it maintains their status.

Capitalists sound something like humans, or tryl however, you can hear the warbling insincerity in their inflections. The weak-willed vacillations are pasted through capitalist dialect. Should a capitalist be confronted for their actions they’ll perpetually speak to some future time when that thing, like poverty, or war, or homelessness, or man-made environmental apocalypse will be fixed, but be patient because, you know, things can’t happen overnight. But they’ll promise you at some point in the very near future these fixable problems can be remedied, but just not today. Maybe, just maybe, next election cycle if you’re all good little plebeians we’ll get you some nicer prisons. Or for the better treated servants perhaps you can make $15 an hour in eight or so years…maybe, but for now, buck up.

The language becomes a giant facile excuse to sponge up more for themselves no matter the cost to anyone else. GOLLUM! GOLLUM!

They become an effigy of their most selfish inclinations, and in a half-hearted attempt to assuage guilt they’ll superficially harden to puritanistic sexless family values because they wouldn’t want to seem like ostentatious clods for taking everything for themselves. Sure, there may be a genocide or two along the way, or putting people through a lifetime of work for what they spend on a yacht, or a bomb, or a toilet, but they deem their free will to exploit is more important than the most basic needs of others, so goes the Randian apologia.

Bret Easton Ellis’s book American Psycho highlights the bloodlust money induces. Where the suffering of others becomes inconsequential relative to the short term pleasure seeking and ego stroking among privileged cronies. The hounds of hell are the capitalist dogs in suits intoxicated with smug idiocy. They don’t live and let live, they hunt till there is nothing left but null.

Authoritarian tools of control are those built into social hierarchy which unleash lecherous narcissistic devils in the human disposition. Money is their most effective weapon to date, even better than organized religion. Money enables a vampiric social hierarchy which beats down the chain of command damaging trust through the entire social construct where the most vulnerable are sacrificed on the altar of all about me-ism.

The me. The dear sweet please think about privileged me. “Oh did you say something about your poverty? Well, why don’t you first stop to think about my right to take as much as I want. Did you not think about that?” says the diseased capitalist mind. Perpetuating a system of inverted liberty, equality, and accountability where the desires of those who need the least are prioritized above all else.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological torture and none are better at it than gutless capitalists. They blame the victim, while they reframe, rebrand, reorient the basis of the argument. They present an array of hackneyed contrived stats to tell you that your reality is false and theirs supreme, which just happens to coincide with continuing to reward capitalist bank accounts and status quo abuse. Convenient.

The capitalist system becomes an entity in itself, an abusive friend who tries to endlessly sell you Amway ponzi scheme garbage and will subsequently blame you should you succumb to their prattling. Caveat emptor is not a warning, rather it’s the core philosophy of capitalists, with a subtext that says I’m going to try to exploit you so it’s your own fault if you aren’t careful what you’re buying from me.

They justify lying in the name of playing a game, one they say is fair but in reality is exploitation clothed as meritocracy. The cream does not rise to the top in a capitalist system, it’s the most exploitative, the least compassionate, and the least ethical who seize command, those who have served the beast with the most aplomb.

It’s the game that must end. There is no need to play nice with people who have already rigged the outcome, and it’s not enough they take all you have, but they want you to be part of the cult. Time to pack up the capitalist game board and burn it, a game that if sold under a more truthful moniker would be called “Demonic Ouija”, on sale now for the small cost of your soul.

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