The Tortures of Freedom

This morning a revolution is about to start
with a fight between my sister and I
over a plate of stale breadcrumbs.

The newsreader recites questions for
an imaginary interview with a war hero.
Minutes of silence follow
the high-pitched hissing noise of a boiling samovar.

Water and grain – the tortures of freedom for orphans and trees.

The view from the kitchen window captures the sea.
People are steadily moving towards a distant border.

No school today. The bomb exploded on our playground.

I am packing for England: maps, libraries, colours;
the essentials for a world on foot.

In my satchel, tissue paper wraps up
the infinite possibility of a one-way road.

Maria Stadnicka is a writer, freelance journalist and lecturer. Winner of 12 Romanian National Poetry prizes, she worked as a radio and TV broadcaster. She has lived in Gloucestershire, England since 2003. Published poetry collections: O-Zone Friendly, A Short Story about War, Imperfect. Further details about Maria's work and portfolio available on her website Read other articles by Maria.