A Day at the Office

On Monday morning, I receive an updated version of
my handbook to freedom.
The spring is ready.
Without any fault, all of us hear the truth with a different voice,
as we continue the historic dispute over the body count.

The perfect war victims are lost
in an overwhelming testimony to the reality’s carnage.
Another century of fear unravels before Vivian Maier’s blunt apron,
like an atomic flower that grows overnight.

The collective memory has started rehearsals
for a prayer written on damaged bridges.
Those who have never been taught how to be free
escaped into the wild to make the world theirs.

Maria Stadnicka is a writer, freelance journalist and lecturer. Winner of 12 Romanian National Poetry prizes, she worked as a radio and TV broadcaster. She has lived in Gloucestershire, England since 2003. Published poetry collections: O-Zone Friendly, A Short Story about War, Imperfect. Further details about Maria's work and portfolio available on her website www.mariastadnicka.com Read other articles by Maria.