World Games

Games are played with words
Among players with two faces
As they travel through first, second, and third worlds
While the hungry in any world still need food
And the tired need rest
The cold need shelter
And the dying need a place where their death will be felt with sorrow and a tear

The leaders lead only those capable of standing and following to protect those
With the security of possessions
And the insecurity of their loss

The blame is not only on polity
Believers cling to authority and dogma
And those who do not agree are fair game in this sport

The blame is on us all for playing games
Those damned two-faced games

Paul Cech has been writing poetry since 1970. Several of his poems have been published as Saturday Poems in the Pittsburgh- Post Gazette and the Thomas Merton Center of Pittsburgh has published several of his poems in NewPeople. Read other articles by Paul.