Welcome to Peaceland!

(In Honour of Cameroon Anglophone Problem Victims)

Welcome to a peace haven
where bullets on brother bodies
are signposts of no war.
Feel free in our fat-fees
reinforce lessons.
‘No violence! No violence!’
Students chant in Buea,
but human bees from Yaoundé
invade them, stinging with bullets,
rubbing students in dark-greyish
polls of stagnant water,
ransacking hostels,
tearing female panties
to deposit bitter honey,
while vice chancellor
whirls on golden seat
celebrating victory
and eyeing next

Nsah Mala is the pen name for Kenneth Toah Nsah, a Cameroon-born poet, author of three poetry collection: Chaining Freedom, Bites of Insanity, and If You Must Fall Bush. His short story “Christmas Disappointment” was among ten winners in a short story competition organized by Cameroon’s Ministry of Arts and Culture in June 2016. His poems and other writings have been featured (or are forthcoming) in anthologies and magazines in Cameroon, Canada, India, Nigeria, and South Africa. Read other articles by Nsah.