Perfect Form

And so I creep instead
Monsters in my head, you know that’s what was said
To have seven dead inside your hospital bed
Expectations bleed, not bled
Expectations bleed, not bled
Suicide note before I go, it’s not like it’ll ever be read or wrote
To go beyond frequency
Underneath catastrophe
Unheard words from the caged bird of this majesty
How can I emerge from grief?
How can I emerge from sleep?
How can I emerge from this emergency?
But, how am I reborn?
How am I reborn?
You wear your devil’s prada in the eyes of the perfect storm
When it rains, I’ll be so scorned
When it rains, I’ll be so scorned
That’s when my heart is torn, for years beneath adorn
You know I can’t reach perfection if I’m not in your perfect form

Darrell Herbert is a poet-songwriter, humanitarian, author, and artivist. He is a nationally recognized poet. Read other articles by Darrell.