Orwellian is a Fancy Way of Saying Today

Well, George,
it looks
like you were right.

For what seems like forever,
boots have been stamping
on human faces.

This is a time
of universal deceit
where the deceived
help keep lies alive
because truth
is a foreign language
to their split tongue.

Cops are pulling
no warning triggers
with no repercussion,
except paid vacation.

Savage idiots,
to be holed up
with their ignorance
in backwoods,
glass houses
support unchecked
violence, believing police
have the authority
to kill with impunity.

The future is here, George.

It arrived on the back
of a bullet bought
with tax money
from ignorant citizens
convinced freedom
is supporting
means of control.

The animals
have taken over
once again.

Scott Wozniak is a poet/chaos enthusiast living in Southern Oregon. His works are widely published both on-line and in print. His poetry collection, Crumbling Utopian Pipedream, is available from Moran Press. Read other articles by Scott.