why don’t you now
cut my locks of memories too?

In the dark they all come back,
every bit…
dense as the night.

When all the lights go to sleep
we grow our cropped hair
once again long.

The dust of your days
settles on my eyes
layers on layers.

But in your starved mind
philistine thoughts betray
all thoughts of us.

Good that my eyes are gouged out
for don’t we all today
gaze eyeless at Gaza.

Dr. Amit Shankar Saha is a faculty member in the Department of English at Seacom Skills University. His short stories and poems have been published in Estrade Magazine, Muse India, The Cauldron, The Four Quarters Magazine, Tuck Magazine, and others. He has won Poiesis Award for Excellence in Literature, Wordweavers Prize, The Leaky Pot - Stranger than Fiction Prize, Asian Cha – Void Poetry Prize (Commendable mention), Reuel International Prize for Poetry (Shortlisted). He is the co-founder of Rhythm Divine Poets, a Kolkata-based poets group. Read other articles by Amit.