“X-Ray Visions”

Alien deception
Watching over us
On the silk road

Savvy performers
Indeed the stars are out

Buffalo buzz
About some kind of
Something in our skies

A staircase to
A house of cards

Fantastic lessons
Adventures of a lifetime
On scientific parachutes

Sarcastic needles
Change your mind
Under the influence
It’s closing time

X-Ray visions
Too wasted to perform
The veil
They Live

Solving crooked riddles
Running away
From lava lamp workshops
In stolen shades and
Tattered boots

Tell me something
I don’t already know

Put these on

James D. Casey IV is a published author of three volumes of poetry: "Metaphorically Esoteric," "Dark Days Inside the Light While Drunk on Wine," and "Tin Foil Hats & Hadacol Coins." His work has been featured in print and online several times at places like Triadæ Magazine, Pink Litter, In Between Hangovers and more. You can find links to his books, social network profiles, and other projects on his website by clicking here: Read other articles by James D..