We are so great

High fructose fed
fat, running on treadmills, running
on credit, running behind
glass walled fitness facilities,

we are

four wheel drive SUV’s
driving on eight paved lanes,
eating fake nacho flavored
Doritos in the back seat
playing video games,

we are

five percent of the world
consuming twenty-five percent
of fossil fuels, consuming,
number one, best, first
in garbage production,

we are

mother of all bombs.
Look out, we have more,
more deployed nuclear warheads,
more than you, more than anyone.

How great we are.

Leslie Thomas lives in the USA, participates in Kinnickinnic Valley Writers Cooperative and Poets Abroad, an international poetry group. She is a member of Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. Her poetry has appeared in The Avocet, A Journal of Nature Poems and Picaroon Poetry. She was also longlisted in the 2016 Over the Edge New Writer of the Year, Galway, Ireland. Read other articles by Leslie.