Jitterbugging With Jezebel

One two three four
Dancing sweetly on the floor
Take you partner twist her round
Hold her tightly on the ground

One two three four
Soldiers marching off to war

Cinderella riding your pumpkin coach
And shoes that snugly fit
Fairy tail propaganda

Insatiable – psychotic politicians pondering power
Starvation – junkyard dog gnawing at a tin can
Desperation – gruesome wallflower lusting for a prom date
Longing for more —

One two three four
Soldiers marching off to war
Wait they’ve used that line before

Say hey whispers Uncle Sam
Don’t you know who I Am?
I’m the red, white and blue
Got stars in my eyes too

There was a man so mild and meek
Who taught us love and to turn the cheek
In his name they love to speak
The sky is gray and the future bleak

One two three four
Bankers divvying up the score

Poetry has become irrelevant
Says the preacher quoting psalms
God has become irrelevant
Mocks mammon making bombs

One two three four

John Kaniecki in an author and poet. He has nine books published (see his Amazon page). You can visit John's website and his blog. John's poem Tea With Joe Hill won the Joe Hill Labor Poetry Prize. His work has been published in over seventy outlets. Read other articles by John.