Be A Neighbor

Before I belong to any tribe,
I am human first,
Before I identify myself with any political ideology,
I am human first,
Treat me as one, be a neighbor.

Wisdom suggests that it easy to wield a Machete,
In order that you spill my blood out,
Wisdom guarantees that it is quite simple to design a weapon,
In order that you leak my breath out,
But it is difficult to preserve life, be a neighbor.

Whether black or white,
We are the same, yes, you and me,
Whether yellow or red,
We are alike, yes, you and me,
Regard me likewise, be a neighbor.

My blood is crimson as your own,
I love and hope like you do,
My heart dances to rhythms of life as yours,
I hate and fear just like you do,
Stop being cruel, be a neighbor.

Gerry Sikazwe is currently a student at the University of Zambia studying for a Bachelors degree in Adult Education. He manages his poetry page on Facebook, and his poems have been featured on and Read other articles by Gerry.