Want to be free? Find your own grave…

(Saving Syria, Palm Sunday and other hysterical outbursts)

While the worms
Were lunching
Were munching
In their toothless way
Bereaved Americans
Deceived by nature
Waited patiently
Their turn
Having dug the graves
Of freedom
Wearing Nikes
Slurping Coke
Bowed their heads
As if to pray
And cheered that dark folks
Died that way
So all those digging
Anthems singing
Could share those holes
Just dug someday.
Until such time
As join they must
Between the toothless
Jaws of night
Where freedom’s worms
Dine with delight.

* This past week the EU’s own Clinton/ Albright clone, their high commissioner for foreign affairs, Federica Mogherini pronounced that all the Syrians with whom she has met just want “democracy and freedom”. However she did not say that they expected the EU or the US to deliver it to them in high-explosive Easter eggs. Coming ostensibly from the Italian Left Party, a former young communist, she also resembles in bellicosity Germany’s Green ex-foreign minister Joachim (Joschka) Fischer when it came to NATO invasions of Yugoslavia. Humanitarian intervention is the political equivalent of the Ascension for politicians rising from something left to everything right.
Dr T.P. Wilkinson writes, teaches History and English, directs theatre and coaches cricket between the cradles of Heine and Saramago. He is also the author of Church Clothes, Land, Mission and the End of Apartheid in South Africa. Read other articles by T.P..