The Ice Cream Freezers of Gaza

History must not be written by the victors.
The voiceless victims must be heard.
The lifeless little faces looking out
from the ice cream freezers of Gaza–
their lips motionless, their eyes accusing–
speak louder than their slayer’s guns and bombs.

We can’t let those who sent the drones report the story.
The screams of the dead and maimed must be heard.
The ones who imposed the sanctions must not tell the tale.
Those who perished for want of sustenance must be heard.
Their silence, to any who will listen, roars like thunder.

Contempt is what we owe any who would claim
that sacrificing other people’s lives is “worth it.”
Derision and disdain are due assassins who bemoan
that corpses of those they’ve slain are “telegenic.”
Our ears must refuse to hear the lethal words, our
minds must rebuff the brutal deeds of those with
hearts colder than the ice cream freezers of Gaza.

Floyd D. Anderson lives in Brockport, New York, and can be reached at Read other articles by Floyd D..