Rise Up

We live in a male dominated society
where men value us by what they see.
We are so much more than this, something
beautiful inside each of us does exist.
Decide today against it all we will
fight back.
Stop allowing men to dictate
how we’re supposed to look and act.
We are god’s daughters, his queens,
not someone to never be heard and
only seen.
Show we have more concern than
what we wear, that in the real issues
we really do care.
The sooner we realize the power
we hold, the men acting like
children will surely fold.
It’s time we all believe that you don’t
need a man to survive, stop allowing
your feelings to be minimized
Don’t settle for anything but respect,
anything less you must reject.
Never again let your vision be blurred,
Rise up and let your voices be heard.

Tammy Manikas resides in Michigan and has a great passion for writing and music. You can follow her poetry at https://www.facebook.com/MLPoetry.TManikas/ Read other articles by Tammy.