local television media madness: a social commentary

i have a closed mind about closures

and i do not care when closures will be back open

i am passed hearing about those who have passed

let’s put that in the past and simply say they died

broadcast news personalities
keep reaching out
but they never hear back

their upper middle class concerns
are of no interest to me

cell phone videos far from our viewing area are boring

most news is worth ignoring

superficial reports
spread out as teasers over thirty minutes are the norm

just read the news
tell it like it is
improve your grammar and usage

have the courage to ignore
viewer polls, and marketing abuse-age

Paul Cech has been writing poetry since 1970. Several of his poems have been published as Saturday Poems in the Pittsburgh- Post Gazette and the Thomas Merton Center of Pittsburgh has published several of his poems in NewPeople. Read other articles by Paul.