Another Brilliant Rest

How long,
It’s always in the nature,
While the shifting scent
Tells comfort, tells

All the night,
The numbers congregating,
Broken stone in semi-circles,
And below – the beaten stage,
Pale and cool and empty
As I wait,
An eye upon the canopy,
Thinking of our twisted means

They fly and sing,
The audience is stirred and
Briefly too, the dark
Crowding in upon us
Both, upon us all

Steps we took
On the forested slopes,
How we sliced beneath the waves,
Reconnaissance, manoeuvres –
I’ve lost track,
Leaning as I am
Against the smooth bark of a tree
Bristling with patience, time

From the ruins,
From the stealth of players
Strong in vanishing,
Only in passing heard –
I gather gifts

The course is set,
I move again,
I carry all I need
On my lips

Emanuel E. Garcia is a poet. novelist, essayist and physician who now resides in New Zealand. Read other articles by Emanuel E..