The New Broom

Alternativism has given alternative media something to think about in America. The new regime in Washington DC has activated a veritable tsunami of grieving voices spitting hatred at their ‘populist’ billionaire President as he commences to re-shuffle his deck of cards. The new boss-man tweets his own superlatives in the small hours of the night revealing his indifference to the superlative-ridden cant of his predecessors. The ‘new broom’ possesses its own brand of cant which is currently being fed into an alternative lexicon…and it sure has lots of snap, crackle and pop. But what is it recycling?

The election of the new broom is something that sticks in the craw of a vast swathe of peeved losers traumatised by the effects of defeat in one helluva contest. Thinking the election stolen by an imposter with yellow hair and small hands was too much for the ‘adorable’ class. The methods used by the alleged fraudster to separate them from their privileges were unforgivable. A political parvenu who had the audacity to vocalise his thoughts about America wasting its treasure in the Middle East had come amongst them.

On closer examination, the superlative-ridden cant of the new ‘lot’ is strangely similar to the superlative-ridden cant of the old ‘lot’. Over time, the American two-party system had morphed into a binary cancer of sorts, pursuing progress through military conquest while sharing the same disciplines that control the public’s support for Empire building. Becoming ever more bellicose and pumped-up with greed and power, the so-called American democratic spirit died an ignominious death when the war-machine set about consigning country after country to a dystopian hell. The American democratic spirit was apparently disposable like everything else!

The hollow men and women who ghoulishly occupied the institutions that curated disciplines that allowed money, militarism and media, unregulated licence to plunder the globe for profit, brought dystopia, not democracy, to millions of innocent people across the world. The millions of little brown bodies destroyed or maimed happened to be in the way, their resources were needed to afford more penthouses for blowhards back home!

But ever since technology became the morphology de jure defining the relationship between public versus private space, the public (human kind) has been relegated to a passive role in a system that has become the property of the corporate world. Disciplines that control programmes conducted by the Pentagon, Wall Street, and now the media, are as self-serving as were those used by medieval oligarchies in their time. History teaches us that discipline…the sine qua non of leadership… when imposed from ‘above’ can soon morph into authoritarian rule when the public blindly follow the drift of suspect leadership.

The corporate world has made us beholden to its planners, its consumer culture expropriating the innate artistry that makes individuality interesting. To merely passively consume, we expose ourselves to the danger of becoming intellectually obese and in possession of a false sense of heterogeneity. After being duped into believing that we would all be happy in the role of the mesmerised consumer, the technologists set about manufacturing ever newer forms of negative escapist therapies to bypass character development.

By virtue of the packaged responses that are part of the modus vivendi of information technology, the sliced-bread aspect of designer-psychology is slowly coming into view. War has a different meaning to the people in the rust belt compared to the meaning it has in the beltway…the former who have been relegated to the role of hands-on automatons employed to do the heavy lifting, have become aware of their entrapment. The Wall Street heist and the Iraq war were digested very differently within these two settings. As capitalism produces ever more wares that stultify people’s ability to participate in any creative sense, the human spirit begins to rebel against the odium associated with pseudo realities that are propped up by lies. When the human spirit is denied oxygen it begins to wilt like the caged canary in the coal mine.

Capitalism is not a country (it acknowledges no borders), rather, it is a system programmed to dishonour social contracts in its pursuit of profit, telling those that follow its programmes that they will be better served if they follow their lead.  Everything goes, regime change, planned colonies in space, attacking defenceless people in foreign places, sequestering the wealth of nations, are all equally pursued for gain and the spoils are there to put more $’s in your pocket. The superlative-ridden cant of the American narrative is well understood in most parts of the world to mean ‘we come, we take your resources and we leave chaos behind us wherever we go’…we welcome you to be part of our enterprise if you abnegate love for justice and other forms of crap!

Mucus bile is erupting from the intestinal parts of the American body politic after the surprising success the ‘new broom’ had in the recent presidential elections. There is no health system available on earth that can assist in relieving the painful rancour that devours the ‘old brooms’ now consigned to the anonymity of the historic closet. Nobody outside of America can understand the rage that possesses ‘America the Beautiful’ at this time, or the nature of its crisis…except to observe that the ‘new broom’ is dismantling much of the stuff the ‘old broom’ had put in place…which indicates that ends will remain the same, though means will undergo significant change. Eye-brows are raised in the world at large at the extent to which venom and spite has come into the national arena as a result of a defeat that has left America polarised.

De facto fascism that took the form of dismantling other people’s countries had come to be accepted as America’s raison d’etre. Scant disapproval from the community at large allowed a succession of vainglorious leaders to take the country down the path of Empire building. With the election of the ‘new broom’, the crunch came when established alliances within the Anglo-USA-Zion ‘dealerium’ were subjected to a defrosting process designed to reduce the pace of continuous warfare…the dark $$$’s of the armament industry were not so much an issue as the fact that the arrangement was benefiting too few people.

The binary pantomime of the two-party system has morphed into a state of irreconcilable spleen as the system splutters under the weight of its own malfeasance. The ‘deep state’ was recently challenged by the ‘deplorables’ who, upon waking from a deep-sleep, hightailed it to the voting booth to effect a collision between matter ($) and anti-matter. The sleeping giant of the rust belt…along with its many cousins consigned to misery in a dystopian system…surprisingly found their voices at the ballot box to become the countervailing force…the counterpunch…challenging the risk-takers running amok in a deregulated ‘America the Beautiful’, now open for mafia style business deals

Subsequently, the media seemed to draw information from a trove of quixotic tropes that purported to show the public the perilous situation America found itself in as a consequence of having elected the wrong ‘new broom’. ‘Reds-under-the-bed’, foremost in facilitating the sweep-to-victory of the ‘new broom’ had the most success because of its wow-factor. It pitted our set of spies (hackers) against their set of spies in a Hollywood take-all sort of way while keeping the tap running for the diehards to cry foul.

19/20 century Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalyst was frequently mined for his perspectives pertaining to Judea-Christian mythology in the hope of capturing some innate pattern that might throw light on the-brute-within the new ‘new broom’…like he was an exception to an American rule of goodness that didn’t exist. Thoughts regarding the impending arrival of fascism were circulated like meteorological forecasts warning the public that the ‘new broom’ and his consorts were there to filch your democracy by stealth. Eulogies to ‘America the Beautiful’ kept apace of the cortege as the mourners went around in circles refusing to exit the stage. As time went by, it became obvious that the ‘old-brooms’ were crying crocodile tears for having been denied the opportunity to ride the ‘gravy train’ yet again. Their amnesia included forgetting that the sleeping giant of the rust belt…et al… was a force to be contended with.

Having become the mesmerised minions of the Wall Street set, their fall from grace was doubly painful when they realised that they had no longer the ear of the sleeping giant on the one hand, nor access to their former paymasters on the other hand. Psychoanalysis may not have much traction in the rust belt, but perspectives from that quarter were likely to perceive the putsch-minded democrats as sore losers.

The ‘sleeping giant’ of American politics must surely be the voice of those not included in the binge banquet of unregulated finance currently sundering the body politic. Awareness of alternatives came into view after the recent elections in America, suggesting that the purview of a social democratic matrix may exist in the voices struggling to escape the phlegm of neoconservative policies in places ignored till now. If the phoenix is to rise, it is likely to take to the skies from the rust belt rather than academia…a subject which of itself implies the need for more new brooming…and when on attaining a sufficiently elevated position in the sky, this bird of hope might…just might…as America’s first conscionable organ of truthful reportage become an eye-in-the-sky satellite transmitting reality back to base…inform its own people of the staggering amount of raw sewage that ‘America the Beautiful’ has deposited in so many parts of the world… isn’t any alternative to spouting the superlatives that mask the gibberish of propaganda long overdue?

If the eye-in-the-sky Phoenix relayed the birth defects related to the use of depleted uranium in Iraq by its own military…now plaguing the citizens of Fallujah…to the American public, it would be a real history lesson. If it could show the extent of the deaths and maiming of children in Pakistan and Afghanistan as a result of drone warfare over there, or the plight of the ordinary people of Libya rendered destitute as a consequence of America’s intervention in their hapless country…then historic truth might very well have its moment in the sun! If the Phoenix relayed the truth about America’s military bases and why they are where they are, its citizens might come to understand that their country has a long history of de facto fascism.

America needs to face up to the fact that its days of unmitigated mercenary adventurism are over. Its record abroad; Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, to name but a few of the countries it has destroyed, attest to the fact that behind its facade of superlatives there lurks the perennial blowhard doing it for Uncle Sam. If you needed to know how bad the mess is that America has made in the many countries it has interfered in, you’d have to see it for yourself…historians give polished interpretations that fail to reveal the grime behind the façade of the narrative.

If the ‘old broom’ swept us into nihilism with the aid of a corrupt media, blowhard military and  bastard economy, the allegations now leveled against the man with the yellow hair and small hands are a bit rich. Capitalism spawns capitalists who forever lure the ‘folk’ into what can only be described as the ‘trap of superlativism’. Clearly this is the path we will follow until the penny drops and Main Street takes charge of the whole-deal.

Denis Conroy is a retired businessman and journalist and a voracious follower of matters political outside of the mainstream arena. Read other articles by Denis A..