Questions For Humanity

Where is that peace
That they preach
Where is that joy
That they seek
Where is that love
Dying in embers
Where is that unity
Lost in the abysses of space
Where are the alms
For the poor and the needy
Where is that brotherhood
Nutured in motherhood
Where is that harvest
meant for the hungry
Where is the world
Polluted with war
and its posterity of sad tomorrow
Where is Africa
Said to be a green foliage
Now wilds of dried leaves
Where are those people
Giving donors for war
Embraced by all!
Where is that religion
Of misinterpreted interpretations
War as the norms of foundation
Where are the gray
Of corrupted thoughts
Where are the posterity
Of polluted minds
Where is that land
Ebbing in warfare
an eons of senseless revolution
Where are the abandoned
Feeding on reefs
Where are we
On this globe glowing with hate

Emmanuel Joseph is a poet from Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. He is currently pursuing his degree in politics at Fourah Bay College His book, Greed Forlage of Dried Leaves, will be available soon. Read other articles by Emmanuel.