Old Guys, Slithering Ties

The old, fake guys
In slithering ties
Marketing drugs
Instead of hugs
To doctors fresh, out of school
The kids all think it’s really cool
They hand ’em out, slow at first
But those school loans, the pockets thirst
So the slow becomes a candy store
The kids are wanting more and more
The doctors finally say “no way”
Always junkies die another day
On the street getting high
Mothers and fathers cry and cry
Kids have to score a little more
Knocking off a liquor store
Into the county jail off they go
Soon the withdrawal starts to flow
Full blown addiction at eighteen
Never got to see or live a dream
Half of them won’t even make it there
Found in bed; cold, cold stare
The bankers and the bloody ties
Still get to keep their money prize
Even though it’s them to blame
Lyin’ to the public – it’s a shame
All these kids, we lost so young
Just for for profit, it’s so dumb
It’s an epidemic, don’t you know?
Don’t tell them, it’s their show.

Fee Thomas is a poet and activist from North Minneapolis. Her favorite thing to do is spending time with the children in her life, teaching them musical instruments. Fee does not call what she does "writing", but rather the "loosening of her Spirit." Read other articles by Fee.