“America, the Great”

In America,
Mass hysteria.
The killing carriers
Erecting barriers.
We are the peace bearers.
We will destroy terrors
As the number one terrorists.
And we’re still not pissed
When we grew up to this,
The teachers said we were the best
But we would of never guessed
We were the best at laying lives to rest.

And they didn’t teach us much
About killing the indigenous,
But told us all about such:
Everyone else is less than us.
Everyone else is less than US.

We can’t just say it once.
Don’t be a memory dunce.
Reasons drilled into our heads
Freedom requires many deaths.
Liberty makes a justice mess
And we thank God that we are blessed.

Poet Christopher was born in the winter of 1971 in Missouri with the given name of Christopher Allen Breidinger. From his early years, his mind was synchronizing poetic gears and constructing mindsets in creative and adaptive poetry, short stories, and lyrics. Currently, he resides in the beautiful town of Winter Haven, Florida with his wife Brenda, his youngest daughter, Cali, and their pug Sadie, where he frequents the ocean coastlines and enjoys spending time writing and hiking. An Inspiration to many and a guide for others, Poet Christopher is striving and moving onward still today with a total of four books published, and countless lives touched. Read other articles by Poet.