Glimpses of Heaven I saw
In moments of after, now and before
Snapshots of the Divine
Hidden in scrapbooks of my heart’s time
Life highlighted an espy let me peep
A coup d’oeil but oh so sweet
Did the sun shine that day just for me?
That perfect feeling that I could not see
Glances not always with our eyes
Appearing as emotions in ocean cries
Heaven a place pure vibration of thought
Glimpses they fade after we’ve been taught
That earth is centered between Heaven and Hell
But I know my heart it animates all there is to tell
Where art thou Heaven above, here and below?
In stars, flowers, children’s giggles a breezy blow
I have many a time been able to spy a peek
If my consciousness is still I go within deep
To reveal the highest musical sphere
A golden entrance crystal clear
Just a gaze and all can be known
A tiny spark will ignite the fire shown
I can look and view eternity in light
Discover secrets within the darkness of night
Glimpses are but clues to remind
That all of everything is from one kind
I see flashes of Heaven within your stare
Sending me love messages saying you care
Heaven is here and Heaven is there
Heaven can be placed quite simply anywhere

Susan Kahil, originally from London UK, now resides in Spain on a secluded mountain valley olive farm. Singer/songwriter, composer of poems and gardener all of which are her main passions. Her poems have been published in several magazines and anthologies. The surrounding nature and wildlife is where she draws inspiration for her works. Susan like to look for the beauty and infinite potential in all things. Read other articles by Susan.