In seeking World Peace

The world belongs to all of us
To all of us humans
And animals!

I firmly believe that amidst this diversity of cultures
We are all to find a unity!
Yet, wars thrive
War crimes, so gruesome
And cruel
Bang on the headlines!

War victims, radiating a sorrowful innocence
Stare at us through television screens
Wanting to find in us, maybe
Some sort of solace
Some sort of war stopper!

Why, the happenings of the world are scary
So much that I have wondered many a times
And shall keep on wondering
If this world is not hell itself
Hell, made of beings, thirsty to harm
Thirsty to destroy
Thirsty to exhibit the violence that sleeps in them!

I do believe though, that universal peace can be attained
I do believe, that somehow, someday, each and every one of us
Shall feel free to walk
To dance
To be
To express
To enjoy
To write
To create
To administer even
I do believe that peace is only waiting for us
To take the right step

Taking into consideration the diverse cultures
Taking into consideration that life here matters not
That we are to live through our times as if we were
Beings on a boat ride
Beings enjoying a temporary stop
Beings meant to spew the best of ourselves
Beings living a dream
For our real selves are sleeping
And waiting
For when we shall wake
And get to admire the glory of Truth
As it had been portrayed on Earth
As having so many ways and means to be acceded to!

Yes, the mindset should be set in
Right from when children start to understand
It is high time to reach such a state of conciliated living
The future of our world
Depends not on us
Depends not on what we want
The future
Can be surprising!
And, of course,
Only by holding on strongly to each other
In a universal bond of brotherhood
Shall we allow humanity
To survive!

Pray, I am sure even our earthly mother
Would retreat from her plans
Of wreaking havoc on us
For her anger shall be calmed
Her frustrations shall be appeased
And her pains shall be soothed!

After all, she is but part of the game
She can only allow us to be
The rest,
Depends upon us!

Anoucheka Gangabissoon is a Primary School Educator in Mauritius. She writes poetry and short stories as hobby. She considers writing to be the meaning of her life as she has always been influenced by all the great writers and wishes to be, like them, immortalized in her words. Her works can be read on and she had also appeared in various literary magazines like SETU, Different Truths, Dissident Voice, In Between Hangovers Press, WISH Press, Tuck’s Magazine, Blue Mountain Review, among others. She has also been published in Duane’s Poetree and also in two anthologies for the Immagine and Poesia group. Her poems are often placed in free online contests Read other articles by Anoucheka.