Dust to Ash

I am worn, breathless, depleted.
For there is no break in the battle,
nor treaty for a moment’s rest.
Discord rules my world.
The moon cries blood.
Stars dim, clouded in toxic air.
My soul feared the darkness;
The coward has fled.
My afflicted mind broke loose,
desperately seeking solace;
Scattered my thoughts in the ruins.
Oh my desecrated heart!
How iniquity ravaged her,
ripping her apart at the seams.
I lay wrecked in the sand.
Sightless eyes swelled shut,
pummeled by savage scenes.
Thirst for peace tastes bitter.
Numb lips chapped the words
I can no longer speak.
I surrender my brokenness
to the madness of war.
Bleed dry to the bone,
smear my dust in the ash.

Nicole Surginer is a poet who simply writes what weighs on her heart with no attention to any particular style or genre Read other articles by Nicole.