We Are Individuals

When will we learn
to judge a person not by their gender or sexual preference?

as this one really cool guy once said,
judge people by the “content of their character.”
yet judging someone by their gender
seems to be one of the last bastions
of socially acceptable bigotry.

judge not by gender, race, sexual preference, favorite color!
for these things are meaningless!

judge a person by their Individuality. by who they really are.
by whether they have Integrity and Compassion.
see past the meaningless exteriors
to the Individual within. judging people this way
will actually bring you to their True Identity.

it is time to look inward not outward
and correct the horrific deeds that have been done
by those who judged by exterior appearance for millennia.

let’s cast off the remaining shackles and each be seen
as we Truly are—as Unique Sentient Individuals.

Heath Brougher and is an editor and writer from York, PA who has devoted his life to doing what he can to stop the rampant insanity that has always flowed through the veins of america. He wants to create the america that never existed. Read other articles by Heath.