The World According to Google

/or/ The Micro-Soft-Kill

In a world full of false ideals
images and trending captions
compete with pix-elated passions
double-speak is now the fashion
everyone must get a ration

and caught in the web
of imaginary distractions
a new day dawns
with artificial attractions
what waits for you beyond the cloud
the brave new world
double click goes the crowd

words and images
the senses crave
outside themselves
in futuristic caves
the paintings reveal
what’s really real
just a one and a zero
the modern silicon hero

while somewhere
over the chem-bow lies
that new world order
with gestapo eyes
fingerprints now obsolete
have your DNA swabbed
and they’ll give you a treat
facial recognition and retinal scans
don’t worry about it
it’s all part of the plan

so as the parts, have all been cast
the stage is ready, and invitations sent
once out of the garden
all the world’s a stage (d) event

Robert Filos is an author of poetry and short stories that combine beauty and wit while highlighting social justice issues. Published worldwide his poetry received over 40,000 views in 2017. Born and raised in The Bronx, he now resides in the South Carolina Low-country with his wife and children. He can be reached at Read other articles by Robert.