Survivor After Some Battle

Walking across a stony field, filled with sunflowers
petals yellow, and petals blushed with redder tones.

I was in a metal cage,
there was no way out,
except for my teeth biting the bars,
i was naked you see? do you see?

i was screaming from the air, flying
i was a hawk: wings in delta-formation
screaming into the ground for food,

but there was no food, just sunflowers
stamped out and down by the feet of giants

i walked alone across a stony field…. till i stopped
i listened out for sounds of wildlife…. there were none
i listened out for sounds of insects…. moving
or the soft bend of wild grass beneath my feet.

But there was not a sound,
Nor either a moving motion of air.

I was alone because i was dead
i was deaf because i was dead
i was feelingless because i was dead

I am a dead person, wearing clothes
and standing on grass that cannot feel me
listening for nothing, the air cannot feel me
seeing brightest things, and then nothing
as the light passes through me

the light, the light: it’s the last to go; at its incredible speed
but it too, now, passes right through me

And i am left,
Blind: yes, Deaf: yes, Numb: yes


I can hear your thoughts,
i would like to say that they were bright things,
but all your thoughts are hurts that rebound over,
over and over like an echo chamber.

If i have to be here,
an undead in this sunflower field
as undead as these crushed flowers,
then i do not want to hear the echoes
of your revenger-fantasy as my only companion,
– without even a touch of these sunflowers –
that your human follies have so carelessly
crushed, shredded, and burnt.

David Susswein is a writer living in England. Material from him can be found at: Envoi, Dreamcatcher,, ShotGlass Journal, Picaroon Poetry and others. Read other articles by David.