From Denver to Dearborn

I just released this new song in solidarity with the Muslim community.  It is called From Denver to Dearborn.

From Denver to Dearborn is produced by Giuseppe.  It is about the rise of neo fascism and how nazism, white supremacy, and patriarchy are being more and more normalized by the media and people bowing down to repression. I wrote this in solidarity with the Muslim population who face discrimination, surveillance, and attacks. During WWII the Grand Mosque of Paris housed the Jewish population from nazis and after Hurricane Katrina
a mosque in the neighborhood of Algiers was converted into a community hospital.

Time is a hip-hop artist from Denver who has worked with Common, Kool Keith, Talib Kweli, and Xiu Xiu. Time is host of the Time Talks podcast, which discusses anarchist and critical theory, he is a journalist, and has published multiple articles with Noam Chomsky. Read other articles by Chris, or visit Chris's website.