Woman, Fear Not to Walk Alone!

Are we, women, supposed to fear and cower
when we raise our voice to let the world know
what we believe, what we think, what we feel?
Why, are we supposed to be repressed to such a state
as to fear for our safety
when we walk alone
when we live alone
or when we travel alone

I, as a modern woman, choose to live independently
yet, the world makes me feel that while I shall walk alone
I shall have to fear those with the louder voice
those with the stronger hands
those with the most evil intentions!

Why, it is almost as if I have to keep quiet
and hide in my own shelter
instead of saying
it’s better to denounce,
for the law shall protect me!

Being made of physical frailty
why, I have to repress my mental strength
else I might be targeted
victimized and harmed!
but hey, the world belongs not to the man

To allow humanity to flourish
I am needed as well!
so why should I fear the vast world
why should I fear those who despise me
better it is to make my voice heard
to fight for my rights
to stand up for myself
to believe in my own faith
nothing is more powerful
than a soul treading on the right path
A soul, wishing to bring down that which is evil
A soul, abiding by Truth and social norms!

Being a woman, pray
I shall not fear and cower
I shall stand up, face the mighty gales
slash at the giants with my pure sword
and give a helping hand to those trodden and trampled upon,
To those who are like me!

Being a woman,
if circumstances allow me not to feel safe while I do live
why, I shall work hard to create the right medium
so that, like me, women of all ages, women from all over the world
do feel safe and protected!

Anoucheka Gangabissoon is a Primary School Educator in Mauritius. She writes poetry and short stories as hobby. She considers writing to be the meaning of her life as she has always been influenced by all the great writers and wishes to be, like them, immortalized in her words. Her works can be read on poetrysoup.com and she had also appeared in various literary magazines like SETU, Different Truths, Dissident Voice, In Between Hangovers Press, WISH Press, Tuck’s Magazine, Blue Mountain Review, among others. She has also been published in Duane’s Poetree and also in two anthologies for the Immagine and Poesia group. Her poems are often placed in free online contests Read other articles by Anoucheka.