(They’re) Whining for a White Christmas

Churches ancient
with statuary
faith retarding
grace imparting
with virgin smiles
for pilgrims
crawling many miles
to draw the tears
induced by woes
and acts of those
who profit by fear.

The sun
traverses toward
the solstice
while snowballed
whine for solace
Winter waits
in chapels rigged
Madonnas’ hairs
pulled from behind
imagined crying
of the reliquary kind
by priests triggered
with hidden hands
worshipping in Clintons’
winter wonderland.

• With no apologies to Irving Berlin or any other composers of patriotic pop.

Dr T.P. Wilkinson writes, teaches History and English, directs theatre and coaches cricket between the cradles of Heine and Saramago. He is also the author of Church Clothes, Land, Mission and the End of Apartheid in South Africa. Read other articles by T.P..