The sins of a nation

The sins of a nation stain the stars
of our skies in grey shaded shame.
Power seeps the plague of greed
through the heart of man.
Existence is a battle of strengths
warranting the terrorizing of the poor
and weak by a government who heeds
bounds of neither law nor treaty.
Blinded in entitlement, they brutalize
an innocent tribe on their rightful land.
Senseless violence perpetrated by the
very subjugators who pledge to protect.
The people mourn helplessly while the
holiness of ancient soil is desecrated and
the heartbeat of their nation crushed
in the bloody hands of the oppressor.
Voices of countless victims silenced
by they who own justice while the
flames of greed rage out of control.
We watch silently as our freedom burns.

Nicole Surginer is a poet who simply writes what weighs on her heart with no attention to any particular style or genre Read other articles by Nicole.