E pluribus unum

A note on the contours of the US elite

We have heard and read for what could be mistaken for an eternity that the United States of America (may the god– no sane person would worship– bless her) is exceptional and the “greatest nation on Earth” (something even the Soviet Union could never bring itself to proclaim).

Since the unofficial victory of Donald Trump in the general election for the office of President of that “exceptional” country, the “losing” side has enhanced its exceptionally curious behaviour.

Before we attempt to think any further, let’s return to another curious election to that same office. Sixteen years ago the Democratic Vice President of the United States was declared the loser in a presidential election rife with fraud– especially in Cuban-American Miami. Bill Clinton’s supposed heir-apparent was dismissed by the Supreme Court (which has no constitutional authority in the elections whatsoever) and there was not a whimper from either the penile or vaginal Clinton. Now we find Hillary’s army rallying the retilin Republic to petition against the very anti-majoritarian institution the slave-holding Founding Fathers created to prevent the ordinary people from winning elections. That is a constitutional curiosity worthy of note.

There are two fundamental problems with the electoral (in terms of the US Constitution’s oligarchic principles) victory for Trump. One ought to be obvious but since the Outer Party and the media that controls it ideologically (NYT, Washington Post and its overseas mockingbirds1 and that is that no matter what one would like to believe, real estate mogul Mr Trump is on record challenging both the 9-11 lies, the Saudi Arabian manipulations, and the export of US capital (and hence jobs) to low/no wage countries. These are issues which the entire Establishment has successfully suppressed (with the help of the CIA-owned AFL-CIO) and its five world class propaganda monopolists (aka corporate media + PBS). No matter what one may think of Trump — son of a typical NYC corrupt real estate family — he has restored the language of the assassinated Franklin D Roosevelt rival Huey P. Long. Long of Louisiana was a national “socialist”. For those who are historically challenged, national “socialism” was the integration of socialist ideas of economic and social equality with an absolute animosity to internationalism of any kind.

The 1930s were not only a conflict between communism and fascism but between international socialism and national socialism. Ideologically and politically it is quite difficult to distinguish the various movements that emerged a century ago after the West collapsed.

I mention this here because a century after the Armistice — “celebrated” last week — the collapse of the West has continued, despite the reactionary efforts of the Anglo-American empire.

I think it is safe to say — for those who like astronomical or astrophysical metaphors — that the US has been a “black hole” (especially if one is, in fact, black) and now has become a “white dwarf”.

With the collapse of Europe and the pretense of the US to world (white) supremacy, ejaculated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki — in 1918, the first national security (political) police was established in the form of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. One must recall that “investigation” is a bureaucratic euphemism for persecution. Prohibition (the Volstead Act), ostensibly an act against alcohol abuse — was actually a political war by the WASP elite against European immigrants, especially those from Southern Europe who were then subjected to more intense entry regulations too. (This is the real meaning of the remark in di Niro’s The Good Shepherd by Matt Damon to Joe Pesci.) The FBI and its brothers in the Treasury were the SA of the nativist white elite — the “America First” folks.

When white shoe lawyer and investment banker William Donovan persuaded Franklin Roosevelt to authorise the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, another euphemism) and the forerunner of the CIA, he was representing the non-nativist and internationalist faction in the US elite. The conflict that emerged between the FBI and this new state police/terror apparatus led to an agreement that the OSS was only allowed to work outside the Western hemisphere. Spying and terrorism in the Western hemisphere was declared the exclusive province of the FBI.2

When the CIA was formed after WWII the FBI was apparently at its weakest. Latin America was disciplined but it was the OSS which was about to control police/terror markets from the Ural to the Yangtzee. The first time this conflict became violent, however, was when the OSS/ CIA seized control over Chinese and Southeast Asian opium in the course of the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The enormous financial and political capital gained by the “internationalist faction” threatened to occlude FBI power entirely. Then John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The deck was being reshuffled. Allen Dulles did his best to cut the cards in favour of the Company. In some ways the Warren Commission succeeded — not in explaining Kennedy’s murder but in discrediting the FBI and concealing the CIA.

Fast forward:
The foregoing should just insinuate. The reader should do the thinking — after all that ought to be the purpose of writing.

Julian Assange said in a recent interview with John Pilger that he believes the FBI was proving a point (about its power) when it intervened with investigations of one aspect of Hillary Clinton’s generally criminal behavior. He argued that the FBI wanted to prove (punish) Clinton for flagrant disrespect of the Bureau.

In the greater historical bureaucratic context we should be wary of personalization. Translated this means that the FBI — representative of the elite faction that secretly supports Trump — wanted to show the Clinton — representative of the elite faction that manages through Langley — that US political power cannot be monopolised by the “international fascists” but also has to be duly shared with the “national fascists” as well.

Ronald Reagan was not just the poster boy for neo-conservatism/liberalism (having been nominally both).  He was canonised as the patron saint of post-war US fascism; as such he has had to serve both the national and international fascists. The Bush dynasty, the CIA faction, has employed the Clinton/Obama troops as mercenaries to defend their oil and opium-soaked swampland. It remains to be seen whether the national fascists in the FBI with Trump as their champion will prevail against the international fascists led by Clinton.

On 30 June 1934, the international (corporate) fascists deployed Hitler’s SS to murder the national (populist) fascists under Röhm’s SA.

Maybe the internationalists will consider the value of flames (literally or metaphorically) before the Electoral College convenes. In any case, the war has just begun.

  1. Operation Mockingbird et al.) was the CIA program by which foreign media were spiked with news and other articles for publication to be echoed in the US media as if they had, in fact, foreign origins. Before CIA director William Colby retired both professionally and mortally he testified that the CIA had significant assets throughout the Media — without elaborating. This writer could see that throughout Europe the Press was pro-Clinton or at best anti-Trump. No doubt foreign press assets sought to promote Ms Clinton’s position in a Mockingbird way in addition to garnering support for her as the successor to Mr Obama. Not surprisingly this writer was told by a Portuguese observer that Ms Clinton was responsible for Europe’s refugee problem because she murdered Qaddafi. Perhaps that is also a testimony to the failures of her faction’s campaign with people who have a sense of history. []
  2. The author is indebted here to Douglas Valentine’s extensive research into FBI-CIA rivalry. See The Strength of the Wolf, The Strength of the Pack, The Phoenix Program and his coming book on the CIA. []
Dr T.P. Wilkinson writes, teaches History and English, directs theatre and coaches cricket between the cradles of Heine and Saramago. He is also the author of Church Clothes, Land, Mission and the End of Apartheid in South Africa. Read other articles by T.P..