Become the Conspiracy

With enough information, anyone can gain knowledge. With enough knowledge and persuasion, anyone can gain power. So, with so much information available to anyone with an internet connection, why did everyone become fixated on fear-mongering, paranoia and conspiracies? Despite people gaining the ability to publish their own thoughts to millions of readers online, they have become more and more convinced of their own powerlessness under tyranny.

Although it is no bad thing that the people are more interested in the inner workings of their governments now, excessive fear cannot do any favors for anyone. In fact, a cowed people are only easier to govern and suppress than a confident people. What has happened to that tenet of democracy, the government should fear the people, and not the other way around?

If the government must fear the people, the people should act aggressively, not respecting authority, and reminding government that alienating the people will bring their downfall. Democracy, after all, is not a peaceful system but was created by the terrors of the Eighteenth Century, by promising a death sentence for anyone who tried to subjugate or disarm the people.

Our governments seek to monitor everything we say. It has reached a point where everyone is viewed with suspicion by a state at war with badly defined enemies, including much of its own population. In turn, the people rely on whistleblowers and organizations like WikiLeaks to know what their governments say.

This battle of surveillance sets the eyes of millions of people against the government’s few, and it is hopeless for the government to win against the vast numbers of the people. Thanks to whistleblowers, governments that hoped to spy on you are instead cowering, seeking desperately to hide from your very own prying eyes. The scandals in the media aren’t about what the people are doing, but what the politicians are doing.

The true imbalance in the information era is in favor of the people, not the government. Although it may be difficult for any one person to expose the crimes of the state, it is almost impossible for the state to expose or persecute the whole of the people. If sufficient millions of people criticize the state narratives and mainstream media, the tide will have turned against them.

While it is good to question the government, in particular the mass deception machine of the American government, disproportionate fear-mongering results in cowed and ineffective opposition. Why should millions tremble in fear at tyrants and usurpers in the government and establishment when they could instead coordinate together to drive their ruling elite into much greater fear? No power can prevent the people forming a great, alternative order to strike fear into their rulers.

This brings us to the main point of writing here. What is wrong with the Mont Order – a group intended to summon true dissidents and critics of the most powerful authorities in the world?

You could be part of your Order with ease. Why the conspiracy theory, propagated in some publications? Why the rumor we are up to something hostile? Is it because the Mont Order is a little strange and mysterious, and some sources claim we are the oldest organization in the world? We at the Order don’t even know if that latter claim is true.

Many anti-establishment activists have mislabeled their enemies, seeing any “globalist” or proponent of world peace as a hostile plotter. Anyone with a vision global in scope is easily seen as an aggressor, but deep down all of us have a vision of how to govern the world. Even the idea of leaving cultures alone to prosper according to their own norms and sensibilities is a vision of global governance, with a clear sense of right and wrong.

Think of the things you could do if you were part of a global conspiracy. Think how terrifying we could be to the rulers and deceivers, as our own conspiracy. That is what the Mont Order could be. A secret society of the people, for the people.

There would be no heights of justice and peace we could not reach if the people assemble their own institutions and develop a conspiratorial agenda of their own. Think about this, at least, even if you don’t choose how you will act today.

Why go on in fear, doubting everything said and everything read, when you can believe in your own role in shaping the future? Everything written here can be loved or it can be feared, but why can’t there be a solution? Why won’t you be part of something, instead of speculating about what others are part of?

There are no villains at the Mont Order. And, through us, you can be the conspirators. Why can’t there be friendship rather than fear? To end fear, why not become fear? Why not, through the Mont Order, become the conspiracy?

L'Ordre is a social critic and a friend of the former club of religious students known as the Mont Order. The Mont Order advocated global unity through cultural and religious reconciliation, before breaking up and continuing its campaigns through friendly organizations. You can reach L'Ordre at Read other articles by L'Ordre, or visit L'Ordre's website.