Where’s Our Alt-Left? Serving Our Center-Right

With daily bulletins from consciousness control informing us of the dangers of electing a textbook capitalist as president while daily news of textbook capitalism’s increasing dangers to humanity go unreported, it is long past time for an “alt-left” to balance the “alt-right” which seems to represent the only organized critical voice in american politics.

An electorate is being forced to choose between a lesser evil representative of the rich with excrement clogging his brains and a lesser evil representative of the rich with pus clogging her veins, while a real alternative for the 90% is not allowed to debate them for fear she would attract millions of citizens desperate for change even if some are vague about what it should represent. But almost as bad is the fact that one of capitalism’s own, a multi-millionaire tv personality, is seen as a threat to the established order far beyond that represented by Bernie Sanders, a supposed socialist not remotely anti-capitalist and at best only a reviver of the FDR 20th century new deal that saved capitalism the last time it neared global collapse.

What’s going on here? Alleged progressives, even ( ssshhh) many leftists, are united with the american minority establishment in spreading fear that if Trump were elected a cherished american warfare state of neo-lib-con identity groups would be threatened with racism, sexism, poverty, war and other things never before experienced in the mental Disneyland where some progressive-regressives seem privileged to live.

How has a super wealthy individual member of a tiny minority, an example of all that is wrong with America, become a threat to a far more super wealthy tiny minority – 400+ billionaires – who are the greater example of all that is wrong with America? And how is it that only the Democratic Party establishment saw an alleged socialist as a threat, while both parties and the establishment they are employed by are up in arms about a true-blue died in the wool capitalist? Worse, supposed system critics and advocates of change – mostly psychological – are assigned the job of helping create a supposed anti-american monster whose arrogant, egoistic, individualist behavior all but scream the national anthem, the pledge of allegiance, the constitution, the lord’s prayer and hatikvah?

While polls are taken every fifteen minutes measuring everything from citizen’s hatred of Trump, devotion to pets and support of war against the world, we’ve yet to see a poll of the seven billion global inhabitants that asked which nation they found the most powerful, dangerous, obnoxious, egotistical and ignorant, to which the overwhelming response might be a unified chant of USA! USA! USA! so powerful earth might suffer a massive tsunami.

It would be difficult to conduct such a poll but easy to come to that conclusion if the plastic curtain enshrouding american consciousness were broken through enough to enable understanding of what we truly represent to the world, are doing to much of it, and why that is a threat to all of us and not just foreigners.

As paid critics and their amateur students excitedly inform us that Trump is hopefully becoming unhinged at shocking revelations of how he and other capitalists make money – who knew? – our alleged democratic government is becoming truly unhinged with reckless behavior that could provoke not only even bloodier war against an adversary we cannot dominate but worse, a nuclear confrontation. Russia is not a powerless little country we can bomb at will while pretending, as the Clintonistas, that “we kill because we care” and are only stopping genocide. The overused g-word comes in handy when others kill people. When we do it, it’s beneficial, democracy inspired loving murder. Kind of like Syria’s Assad, constantly charged with blowing up hospitals with “barrel bombs”, as opposed to the teeny-weeny itsy bitsy things we use to reduce thousands of humans to bloody pulp while destroying their nations. In the interest of free trade. In the free market. Where nothing is free.

The U.S. and its NATO puppets have been ringing Russia with military bases since the end of the Soviet Union and are increasing border threats to that nation, all the while calling it defensive postures against a supposed world dominating lust on the part of Putin, depicted as a menace in the way that comic book villains are depicted as threats to comic book heroes. Bulletin for the American innocent and unconscious: U.S. military bases border Russia, not the reverse.

Arrogance? The master race of self chosen people existed long before Trump came into the picture but the hit job on him says he’s an accomplice of Putin, and this is one of the cases in which the egomaniacal rich guy who talks military toughness represents an almost peace politics by comparison to the blood thirsty warheads of the other finance company. He speaks of friendship with, rather than wars against, Russia and China.

Rest assured, whatever negative superiority either one of the deadly duo may represent in some cases, neither offers anything but evil and whichever of them might win, Corporate Capital, Israel and the 1% will maintain power.

In the face of this dreadful choice offered voters, there is still the contradictory fact that one of the lesser evils is seen as a threat by the ruling evils. What? Has this brought the growth of a movement to vote for Jill Stein and the Green Party, a real alterative to the political economics of boom for some and doom for most? A vote for the greater good was never more necessary and that’s what a truly alternative left would and should be working for, but not yet. Why? Because believers in crackpot realism and the useful idiots who demand its practice, under which we would still have slavery, remain innocently swept up in fear or cynically in the employ of our rulers.

There is still some time for a slumbering left that truly stands for social transformation and not rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic, to become an alternative voice. A minority of Americans are already doing it, working hard to put the alternative offered by Jill Stein and the Green Party into the public debate. If and when the rest join them, this could be a truly historic election, and not for negative reasons.

Frank Scott writes political commentary which appears online at the blog Legalienate. Read other articles by Frank.