Made In China: An Alternative To American Mayhem and Maelstrom

By the turn of the 21st century, the United States military had already appropriated the entire earth, and was ready to flood the most obscure areas of it with troops at a moment’s notice. The Pentagon divided the planet into five area commands–similar to the way that the Indian Country of the American West had been divided in the mid-nineteenth century by the U.S. Army…’Welcome to Injun Country’ was the refrain I heard from troops from Columbia to the Philippines, including Afghanistan and Iraq. To be sure, the problem for the American military was less (Islamic) fundamentalism than anarchy. The War on Terrorism was really about taming the frontier.

…..U.S. Defense Policy Board member and enthusiastic cheerleader for American militarism, Robert Kaplan.

In the myopic eyes of the U.S. Military, the Native American is the quintessential enemy. A demeaning term, “injun”, describing the Western Hemisphere’s original inhabitants, is still used by the U.S. Army, and refers to anyone who stands in the way of business as usual and the official agenda of Wall Street: Profit at all cost.

Back in 2003, when the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were still fresh, new, and red-hot, comedian Julian Morrow asked a few random Americans who they thought the United States should bomb next. Their answers included mostly communist countries, and strangely, even Canada. It was even suggested that we nuke France as payback for refusing to join in the mayhem of the Iraq War. Nobody even hinted that perhaps we should stop bombing other countries. No loyal American worth his salt would ever question the basic goodness of dropping bombs on foreigners. Any foreigners (the darker the better), any time, any kind of bombs (the bigger the better), no valid reason required. It’s what we do best. Americans do love their rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air.

Of course, there are solid, logical reasons for dropping bombs. The U.S. of A. was founded by wealthy slave-owning businessmen with eyes that were on the far horizon, and far-reaching aspirations. Thomas Jefferson took a short break from his full-time job as top stud on his own slave farm to elucidate his dream for the United States: “However our present interests may restrain us within our own limits, it is impossible not to look forward to distant times, when our rapid multiplication (salacious smile) will expand itself beyond those limits and cover the whole northern, if not the southern continent, by people speaking the same language, governed in similar form by similar laws.” Jefferson’s dream has now been expanded to include both hemispheres, and all that which lies beyond the stratosphere.

The longer I look at the sordid history of the people I assume to be my ancestors (nobody really knows who granny romped with in the haystack), the more I’m convinced that there’s a basically evil gene running rampant through the D.N.A. of a vast majority of Europoids, or people whose geneology is rooted in Europe. And whereas most civilized nations are satisfied with the accumulation of resources and wealth through hard work and fair trade, the Europoids of Empire prefer the time-tested method of murder, rape, torture, and pillage. Bombs, of course, being the most efficient facilitator of the method. The early days of the Iraq War were covered by the MSM as though it were a sporting event, and it was indeed spectacular and exciting. In a warped, sad, bloody way.

This is not to say that Europoids are the only ethnic group capable of mayhem and maelstrom. Along with all the obvious advances and advantages of the Civil Rights era, we now have a lot of non-Europoid types who have been trained and groomed to be as noxious and destructive as the worst of us. Barack Obama, John Yoo, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice to name a few. So, maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps the propensity to murder, rape, torture, and pillage for fun and profit is more cultural than genetic.

A week or so ago I had one of those Holy Crap! moments. It hit me while reading Part I, and later Part II of Kim Petersen’s Dissident Voice interview with Jeff J. Brown: “What Does the Rise of China Mean for the Rest of the World?” Comparisons between the relatively short and sordid history of the U.S. Empire and 5000 year-old anti-imperialist China are staggering. Even for those of us who seek our information outside the Imperial Matrix, reliable news about the country referred to by Winston Churchill as “the sleeping dragon” is still hard to come by. American Ex-pat and long-time resident of China, Jeff J. Brown has changed all that.

Gleaning a few tidbits from Mr. Brown: For most of its 5000 year history (except for a miserable century of U.S. and European plunder and colonization, starting in 1872), China has been the word’s biggest economy. By 2014, its vibrant economy surpassed the U.S.A. and will likely double by 2020. In my short lifetime, a billion Chinese have been pulled out of poverty, and the country is online to completely eliminate the scourge of poverty by 2020. During this time, the U.S.A. abandoned its short-lived War on Poverty, opting instead to continue its resource and power-grabbing War Against the Tired, Wretched, and Poor at home and abroad.

If Gavin Menzies was correct in 2008, when he wrote “1421: The Year China Discovered America”, it’s highly likely that Chinese trading ships landed in the Americas many decades before Columbus kicked off The Great American Holocaust. They would likely have arrived in 8-masted ships, more than 400 feet long, with technology far beyond anything Europeans had yet imagined. In spite of being in possession of guns, grenades, mortars, and flame-throwers, the Chinese traded fairly, and in a peaceful manner. One such documented trading voyage to Asia, Indonesia, Arabia, and Africa in the early fifteenth century consisted of 317 such ships, manned by more than 27,000 men. If the Chinese had harbored the slightest imperial fantasies of conquest and colonization, they could have easily created an empire during that time. Much later in the same century, Columbus kicked off a 500 year policy of Eurpoid conquest, terrorism, and colonization in the New World with 3 toy boats of less than 60 feet in length and a crew of 90 men.

China is as communistic from border to border as its flag is red. Aspects of capitalism have been injected into the economy in order to build enough wealth to create a rich communism. Enough wealth to eventually create a society of communist harmony. Every inch of Chinese soil is owned by the state, as are 100 or so key sectors of the economy. Chinese-style capitalism differs from western-style markets in one vital area. Public health and welfare are always first and foremost, with profit coming in at a distant second. The public domain is for the public good. There are no “injuns” in Chinese culture. Never have been, likely never will be. Mayhem and maelstrom simply are not a civilized policy.

Those of us still living within the Imperial Matrix, who seek the truth, understand that the forces of good are hard at work, providing a counterbalance to the evil we endure. We know that the Russian bear and China’s sleeping dragon have formed a special bond, and appear to be quietly working, along with many other countries, toward an alternative future for mankind. As an American by birth, I believe that the second worst fate that could befall my country would be total failure of the state and economic collapse. The worst fate would be that the barbarians in charge continue its hegemonic agenda and its policy of mayhem, maelstrom, theft of earth’s resources, and profit at all cost.

Winston Churchill is reported to have said; “Beware the sleeping dragon. For when she awakes the earth will shake.” Jeff J. Brown, by sharing his tremendous knowledge and insight, has given us a glimpse into China that shook me to the core. His message is startling and full of hope. Hope. Something we could all use a good dose of in these interesting times…

John R. Hall, having finally realized that no human being in possession of normal perception has a snowball's chance in hell of changing the course of earth's ongoing trophic avalanche, now studies sorcery with the naguals don Juan Matus and don Carlos Castaneda in the second attention. If you're patient, you might just catch him at his new email address, but if his assemblage point happens to be displaced, it could take a while. That address is: Read other articles by John R..