Like dogs fighting over a bone
Frantic with hate
Tearing anything apart
If they come too close
Foaming at the mouth
Eyes glaring, snarling teeth,
Mad dogs of war
Willing to kill innocents
To achieve their quest
Of domination
Heeding not the Geneva Convention
Millions made homeless
Further destabilization of the Middle East
Armageddon looming
Sand dooms
Hide evil intentions
Lines drawn in the sand
World War 111
Becoming a reality
Yet, the world keeps on shopping, and
Consuming, living in a bubble,
Body bags in coming,
Shopping bags out going…
Reality TV/politics, sports, soap operas,
All distractions from impending doom
History has shown us
That psychopathic leaders love war
Marching soldiers to slaughter
To achieve their greedy principles
I cry for the children of Aleppo
The world has turned a blind eye, but
Not cosmic forces from on High…
Something righteous this way comes
From the sandy winds of Aleppo
When true evil appears
Avenging angels will descend, and
Raise their mighty spears
For the very last time,
Ending all wars for evermore
Peace and love, the order of the day
And the tears of Aleppo will be no more.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.