10 Days in October

Playing off of John Reed’s classic work about the Russian Revolution, I picked my title because of something that was whispered to me today by folks on the inside, who claim that the Justice Department’s new focus on Hillary’s past faux past with emails did not rear its troubling (for the Clinton candidacy) head by chance.

With ten days left until election day the fresh furor concerning Clinton is seemingly guaranteed to create any number of unwelcome scenarios for the Democrats, but the powers that be in the Democratic inner circle — my contacts say — have orchestrated the whole shebang for intensely interesting reasons. In short, they submit that the most trustworthy recent polls (which we are never privy to) have been revealing figures which are quite at odds with the polls which mainstream media outlets and others are fond of embracing. The real polls (the ones the Democratic decision-makers have been paying very close attention to of late) have supposedly shown the race to be neck and neck, not the runaway Hillary supporters have howled about ever since the disrespectful Donald did his locker room dance.

He had no chance now, the Clinton camp claimed, once he talked trash about women. But that, apparently, didn’t do the damage that CNN and its first cousins suggested. And the race — in fact, according to my confidential sources — had become too close for comfort, as far as those at the helm were concerned.

So… the game plan became one which would undermine the Clinton candidacy with the idea of replacing her at the 11th Hour with The Bern. Bernie Sanders, who — forever — in ALL polls when he was in the loop clearly was a candidate who would handily trump Trump. Hillary’s actions would not be labeled as criminal at the end of the day (at the termination of her candidacy), but the Dems would have the excuse established whereby she could be replaced with a Sure Winner. One who could be counted on to serve The Masters as well as anyone.

Apparently, this is possible as per the parameters governing what can be done when a desire to change horses in mid-stream becomes a necessity in the eyes of those calling the shots.

And if you doubt anything about what I’ve delineated above, just ask yourself why on earth would a Justice Department and an FBI so easily influenced by the Dems in Control switch gears at this late date — 10 days left to go — when they clearly didn’t have to.

Richard Oxman has been an activist since he was seven-years-old at the Peekskill Riots. He's been a professor and a worldwide educator on all levels for half-a-century, and he can be contacted at aptosnews@gmail.com. Read other articles by Richard.