Supplication for The Tortured

May you never be visited with the terrible fact of
Inescapable violence without reprieve except for
The decision, at someone else’s hands, to stop

May you never be invaded by the systematic cruelty—
As if well thought-out, deliberate, cold, critical, friendly—
Of another human being who has the power to desist

May you never be ravaged or reorganized, may you
Never be coerced to beg, plead, crumble, scream or
Betray, or admit to that of which you are not culpable

May you never be violated by the fragrance of fear
May you forever be protected from horror and rage
May your hope be restored

Joanie Hieger Fritz Zosike is an actor, director, singer and writer who splits her time living on the LES in Manhattan and in the boonies in Manchester, NJ. Her book of poetry An Alphabet of Love is coming out in 2015 from Barncott Press (London). Read other articles by Joanie.