Another day can make some difference

Until the sun seals the moment
The moment the day broke
Listening before still dawn
Wanting the day to pass over

There was a black, black cloud
From which grew a mountain
Out of the diminishing clock
Seeing them hauling
Themselves against the light
Bracing the cold Spring air
Treading the air; threading ground
To sea then threading them together.
Once the weight was lighter
And strangely realising
Another day can make some difference

Jonathan Beale has 500 plus poems published in such journals as: The Screech Owl, Danse Macabre, Poetic Diversity, Down in the Dirt, etc., and his work has appeared in Drowning, and The Poet as Sociopath, both books published by Scar publications. His first collection of poetry The Destinations of Raxiera is published by Hammer & Anvil, and he is currently working on his second volume. Jonathan studied philosophy at Birkbeck College London and lives in Surrey England. Read other articles by Jonathan.