The Curator’s Indulgence

Would that I could jump on my virtual broom
Which, by the way requires no oxygen tank or peripherals
Because it’s all virtual

I’d fly beyond the limitations of flesh and mind
To every foreign corner of this truly godforsaken galaxy
And open a gallery

There I would show exhibits of great interest
To the brave souls crawling over the frontier of breath
Into a realm of cluelessness

In Room 1: a display of optical illusions occurring
In the navel of the optic nerve of the world on fire below
That’s a good one!

In Room 2: a display of what is beyond Door No. 1
Multiple outcomes, fresh fruit, non-stop information flow that
Washes the viewers clean

There’s just one more room, and it’s not numbered
Despite protestations about its worth, a jeweled case displays
The sacred human heart

Joanie Hieger Fritz Zosike is an actor, director, singer and writer who splits her time living on the LES in Manhattan and in the boonies in Manchester, NJ. Her book of poetry An Alphabet of Love is coming out in 2015 from Barncott Press (London). Read other articles by Joanie.