Greatest Generation Remix

I’m voting for her because she’s a woman.
I’m voting for him because he’s black.
I’m voting for him because he’s white.
I’m voting for her because I’m afraid of him.
I’m voting for him because I’m afraid of her.
I’m voting for him/her because they are going to win/win.

This country is based on representative government. (Surprise!) Putting personnel peccadillos aside for the moment (You stinking, thieving, lying, amoral, son-of-a-bitch), citizens should base their choice of candidate to support on the person/party that best represents the way that citizen believes this government should be administered. A fairly simple concept, vote for the person who thinks the way you do about most things.

For decades and decades Democrats have used the fear of anti-choice Supreme Court justices to scare the shit out of rational American voters each time a Presidential election rolls around. And when they do achieve power, Democratic leaders sit on their hands and do nothing to legislate a solution to this particular problem.

Every four years Republicans exploit centuries of racist distrust and convince white flight voters that unless they support the bosses, rampaging hordes of Africans will descend upon their suburban castles and transport their barbecue equipment back to the inner cities. After the polls close, Republicans do their best to forget that human beings still exist and go back to serving their corporate masters.

Of course, there are numerous other minor bones of contention between the two mega-parties, but these two, choice and race, have been the bread and butter for generations of inbred Democratic and Republican political operatives, at least since Lyndon Johnson decided to toss in the towel.

Now we are left with this.

The Democratic Party has been taken over by what was once the moderate wing of the Republican Party. It is as if Bob Dole has put on a dress, decided to come out publicly as being pro-choice, and is pretending to be Bill Clinton’s wife. Other than that, and some serious military service, how can anyone differentiate between the 1996 Republican candidate and the 2016 Democratic model? Thank Odin that Henry Kissinger is still around to advise on where to invade next.

With all the Republican closet Clinton supporters now coming out in the open to support Clinton2, the Republican Party is simply left with a racist buffoon. For all practical purposes the Republican Party has ceased to exist. All the somewhat sane Republicans are now pro-choice, pro-war, pro-corporate, Republican/Democrats donating their money and time to the Hillary-Bill-Chelsea Clinton Democratic Party/Clinton Foundation/Goldman Sachs Savings and Loan.

Once past the six or so reasons for stupidly supporting a candidate mentioned at the beginning of this article, the informed citizen is left with only one choice and one choice only. To the best of my knowledge Bob Dole is still breathing. Why support Clinton2 who at best is a pale imitation of the former Republican candidate?

Vote for Bob Dole!

After all, Clinton2 and the other bozo have no idea what it’s like to lose a limb for this country.

I might just vote for Bob Dole. At least he has experienced the horrors.