Burning Concerns

Everybody’s desire and greed,
For comfort and happiness;
Leads to search for ways and means,
With competition and jealousy;
Ending up with innovation and wealth,
Equipped with technology and power,
Pushing towards civilisation and modernisation,
With flaring up industries and rich poor gap,
By eradicating trees and humanity,
With a consequence of pollution and deprivation,
Resulting into global warming and insurgency,
Causing temperature rise and violence,

Comfort and happiness decreased further,
Putting us in vicious cycle,
And today we are surrounded with bombs
With a threat of destruction of total humanity.

Therefore, our primary problem
Is desire and greed,
Not the comfort and the happiness;
And the only probable last hope,

Bijay Kumar Show from Durgapur, India has been teaching in National Institute of Technology, Durgapur for about 08 years. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Engineering in 2014. He enjoys teaching, research, and spending quality time with family. To him, poetry is the painting of one’s inner self with colours of eclectic feelings, and is a source of contentment and peace. His poetry has recently been published in Tuck Magazine, Dissident Voice and Ashvamegh Journal (where he was selected as Featured Poet in its August 2016 issue). Read other articles by Bijay.