Talk About a Day of Infamy!

A sad day.  A disgraceful day.  The Fourth was probably pretty bad in terms of hypocrisy.  I can only imagine.  I don’t live there any more.  But today (now yesterday – I thought it better not to vent my immediate and utter frustration), when I read that FBI director Comey decided that the investigation into la Clinton’s DoS document affair didn’t warrant an indictment. I was speechless.  I stared at the face of that cackling hyena and knew I was looking at the face of pure Evil.  And this blood-drenched, lie-spewing Albright clone on steroids is running for the presidency?  Of the United States of America?

Yeah, I know.  The US has never been an especially peace-loving nation.  Bill Blum (and here) has made that painfully clear.  Early whistleblower Smedley Butler tried to warn us.  But this?

I don’t know how many articles I’ve read pointing out that she broke the law while Secretary of State.  And if I’m to believe other stuff I’ve read, she’s basically been breaking/bending the law since her days as a Goldwater Girl.  And supposedly intelligent people are going to vote for her?

It shouldn’t surprise me.  The Democratic Party has joined the white collar criminals, and we all now know that they’re never prosecuted for their crimes.  I’m left to assume that people who vote for her, or support her candidacy, like good old Bernie, are pretty much okay with The Queen of Chaos.  That they prefer destruction to diplomacy, lies to the truth, coercion to compassion, privilege to equality.  The Clintonistes are just as deluded as the Trumpistes. Just goes to show how eager they all are to swallow the marketing spectacle that passes for political debate these days.  Aside from the labels, there’s not a curly’s difference between them.

I’m surprised that Jill Stein is even willing to be associated with a Judas Goat like Bernie. But now that we’ve had our black President, it seems (to those for whom political correctness is more important than, say, honesty or compassion) that we have to have a female President, and in that case, Ms Stein (or perhaps Cynthia McKinney, who has more proven political experience, if that means anything these days) would be the only logical choices.

It seems that Americans have a hard time going beyond this infantile, binary system of thought.  Do this or you won’t get your allowance. You’re either with us or against us. Pepsi or Coke.  Tweedledum or Tweedledee.  The ignominy of coloring outside the lines, of thinking outside the box.

Talk about a Day of Infamy …

As Kurt Vonnegut once said: “… so it goes“… Until it doesn’t.

Steve Church is a former teacher, skipper, and sheep herder living in France. Email him at: Read other articles by Steve, or visit Steve's website.