Go Green Bernie! or Be Left Behind

The duopoly that serves as our ‘democracy’ is again poised to install another corporatist into the White House. Oh goody.

If you believe corporate media, there’s no point in resisting. And yes, we’d better support Clinton to keep Terrible Trump from becoming president. Especially now that, according to MSM sources, Bernie will endorse Hillary for president this week. I hope they’re dead wrong.

The Green Party and Jill Stein have made it clear they would welcome Bernie with open arms, putting him at the top of their ticket. He would be the Green Party nominee for president. Millions of us who have joined together to embrace Bernie’s Revolution hold this as our dream ticket.

But if sources are true that Mr. Sanders will endorse Ms. Clinton this Tuesday, on that day the Revolution begins to leave Bernie in search of a new leader. Maybe it will be Jill, who has all of Bernie’s progressive positions and then some.

She’s a clear advocate for peace. In her recent article about the need for a Second American Revolution, she states: ” And the founders’ fear about the dangers of a standing army were discarded after WWII, leading to the creation of the most powerful war machine the planet has ever seen, accumulating an increasing share of the nation’s political power and resources.”

She understands the vast inequality we face, the urgency of addressing global weather chaos, our messed up electoral process, and all the other tenants that we who are awakening see.

With the unpopularity of the duopoly, Clinton and Trump, a Green Party candidate with the support of Independents has the chance to dramatically change the system. And because in such a scenario we are no longer beholden to the Democratic Party, we are no longer under the thumb of Neoliberalism as well. Which likely means we could take greater strides in creating the Second American Revolution.

If Bernie endorses Hillary, he loses us. It was laughable when President Obama this week said: “There has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office than Hillary Clinton.”

Oh reeeeaaaallly???

This revolution is not about Bernie Sanders, as he readily admits – #notmeus. The question isn’t even what happens to this revolution if Bernie abandons it in favor a candidate who’s integrity is, well, she has none.

We will move forward with the energy and leadership available to us. Jill Stein and the Greens are certainly part of it. Occupy, Black Lives Matter, truly progressive unions, and disaffected Americans across this great and wounded land are all part of it. We don’t know yet the forms our revolution will take – political, social, media or otherwise. But we are not going away, and we are not going back.

The question of the moment is Bernie’s choice. As this is a revolution of peace and love, there will be no animosity if Bernie endorses Hillary. Disappointment, yes, but not anger or hate for his decision. It’s his to make.

Still, this blog post is a last plea for him to continue to lead us. A last plea to be part of the Revolution. A last plea not to give into a corrupt and broken system. Go Green, Bernie!

Jim Prues is the founder of World 5.0 and the principal of Panoptic Media. He writes, plays music and golf and loves life, family and community. He can be reached at jim@world5.org Read other articles by Jim, or visit Jim's website.